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Improving Patient Satisfaction and Your Job Satisfaction in the Healthcare


When you practice the art of medicine with LOVE,

you achieve greatness

in everyday life.


This is the book by Dr. Scott Diering

"We want to help you make healthcare better!"

Our service, Love Your Patients!, provides:

                    Personalized copies of the book, Love Your Patients!, by Dr. Scott Diering

        ►Patient Satisfaction Data Analysis Yielding Targeted Interventions

                    Consulting and Coaching to improve your bedside manner

                    Customized Keynote Speeches & Addresses

                     Continuing Education Lectures for Healthcare Professionals (CME, CEU, etc) 

                              (Continuing Education Units (CEU) for nursing & allied health and Continuing Medical Education (CME) for physicians)


But, hey, if you do not wish to spend any money, we understand.  Just look around this site and see if some of the suggestions can help you improve your life.

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Love Your Patients! refers to a simple yet powerful way of improving patient satisfaction ratings, decreasing litigation risks and making life betterLove Your Patients! is a program for  healthcare professionals of every type, from nurses and doctors to technicians and assistants.  Everyone in your hospital or office will benefit from learning how to Love Your Patients!

Our Mission

Iİ My  Patients!



Oval: Iİ My  Patients!
The purpose of Love Your Patients! is simple:

        ĞMake your job in healthcare easier and more rewarding,

        ĞIncrease your patients' satisfaction, and

        ĞDecrease preventable problems, complaints and litigation.

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Love Your Patients! is great for students!  Student nurses, student doctors, student techs, all students!  For special student concerns, check out our Students page!


Hi!  I am Dr. Scott Diering!  Let me know how I can help you as you care for patients!

Why "Love?"

What exactly does "Love" for health care workers involve?  It involves Agape! 




Who, exactly, is a patient?  Who, exactly, is a healthcare professional?

A renaissance in healthcare!

Love Your Patients!

Improving Patient Satisfaction With Essential Behaviors That Enrich the Lives of Patients and Professionals

Scott Louis Diering, M.D.   

Barnes & - Barnes &

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Paperback, ISBN 1-57733-141-9, 242 pp., 5.5 x 8.5,  $17.95...    May, 2004:  Blue Dolphin Publishing
Hardcover,  ISBN 1-57733-159-1, 242 pp.  5.5 x 8.5,  $27.95

New!  Physician Rating Website.  Have you ever wanted to rate your doctor?  Praise or comment on a physician?  Check out this excellent website: DrScore ( They have an online rating sysytem for you to rate your doctors!  If you don't wish to send your story to me (I use your stories to improve healthcare via my newsletter, Caseletter), then go to DrScore and rate your doctor!

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