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We at Love Your Patients! strive to make your life in healthcare better.  To help you, we offer products and services.

Our products include:


The book, Love Your Patients! -  Website special, $15.00, and if you wish, signed by the author.


A recorded PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Scott Diering of the lecture Love Your Patients!, introducing the principles in the book, $99.95 (in DVD or downloadable file format)


Audio recording of the introductory lecture, $19.95


IMy Patients! buttons, FREE with the purchase of a book (additional buttons, $1.00)


Laminated reminders of the behaviors which define agape, $4.95


Please email me ( with your needs, as we are still finishing our online store!

The book, Love Your Patients! (click here for book details!) 

by Dr Scott Diering

This is the book which sets the standard for improving your patient satisfaction scores and your life in healthcare.

The teacher's edition of Love Your Patients! beta - draft version by Dr. Scott Diering is now available for free!  Just email me, and I will send you a copy! (

Our services include:

Patient Satisfaction Data Analysis

We do a detailed analysis of your patient satisfaction data, staff satisfaction data and physician/provider satisfaction data in order to formulate targeted interventions for your hospital, office or clinic.

Lectures  & Workshops

  We offer various lecture programs, suitable for Keynote Addresses, Professional Development and Continuing Education Credits.

Workshops are dynamic and interactive, and serve to polish and improve your interpersonal skills.

Personal Consultations & Coaching

Consultations are intensive skills development interactions, involving observation/data collection, role playing and constructive feedback.

Love Your Patients!  Certification

Need to improve your image?  Certify your hospital, clinic or office as a Love Your Patients! facility!  Everyone will proudly wear their "I My Patients!" buttons!


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