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Endorsements and Testimonials for the book, Love Your Patients!

(click here for endorsements and feedback from nurses for Dr. Diering's lecture program)


Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles and Help Me To Heal, has this to say about Love Your Patients!:

 Medical training needs to become a true medical education so doctors learn how to care for their patients rather than treat diseases.  Scott Diering’s book [Love Your Patients!] shows physicians how to begin the process and incorporate it into their practice of medicine.


I found it [Love Your Patients!] very interesting and important reading, reflecting an approach to patients that should be widely adopted. It echoes very much  my own feelings…on the importance of the emphasis on humanity in medical education…I think it would be great if it could be distributed to every medical, nursing, and EMT student before they entered medical and nursing school.—Stephen Goldberg, MD, President, MedMaster Publishing (author and co-author of the “…Ridiculously Simple” series).


Brian J. Browne, MD, Professor of Surgery and Medicine, Head of Emergency Medical Services at University of Maryland says:

 Love Your Patients! is the perfect book for medical students, especially students preparing for the Step 2 Clinical Skills exam.  This is an invaluable, inexpensive and enjoyable resource, for students and trainees at every level.


Robert J Mallin, DDS, Past Pres and Founder N J Academy of General Dentistry; Fellow and Master, Academy of General Dentistry; Past Pres. Middlesex County Dental Society; Past Pres./Founder N J Dental Research Group; former adjunct faculty Pittsburgh School of Dentistry says:

 What Love Your Patients! proposes is so simple, so dignified, so proper, and so needed!  It has potential for everyone in the healing/health professions, e.g., nurses, technicians, dentists, everyone.  It’s also a good gift, to be given by people to their health care providers.


Colleen Gallagher, CRNP, BSN, RN, Orthopedic Nurse Specialist at R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center:

 This is a fantastic book!  It summarizes the heart of patient-healthcare professional relations.  And it’s great for nurses!  Dr. Diering reminds us to treat the patient first, and the disease or injury second.  This is absolutely indispensable for every advanced  practice nurse, nursing student, everyone in the health care fields!


 James D. Herbert, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA  19102-1192 (

"A must read for all doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers!  Dr. Diering shows us all how to build bonds between healthcare professionals and their patients.  Unbeatable for medical students looking to pass the Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam!"


Mr. Anthony Stewart, RN, former Clinical Instructor, University of Michigan School of Nursing and Transplant Coordinator, Gift of Life:

"Finally!  An easy to read book which tells us all exactly what we have to do so as to have happy patients!  No complex theories!  No confusing jargon!  Just straightforward, useful information.  And it’s full of lively anecdotes, too!"


Ms. Kitty Lippy, Chaplain, Washington County Hospital, Hagerstown, Maryland:

I have been totally blessed by this book. I tell others they need to read this marvelous teaching tool to make and create in them even a better healthcare professional…This book is life changing and I will keep it always at hand. 

I felt like I was in the most interesting class at college and this class held my attention so that I hated when the bell rang.  I have absolutely enjoyed this journey, walking through these 21 chapters with you.  Thank you Dr. Diering for sharing a wonderful tool that should be in everybody’s library to continuously be referred to that we never lose the “Art of Loving Our Patients.”



Endorsements and Testimonials from healthcare professionals and administrators about Love Your Patients! the lecture series:

Outstanding lecture!... especially important points for students and
residents in all specialties...

Amal Mattu, MD, FAAEM, FACEP
Director, Emergency Medicine Residency Program
Co-Director, Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine 
	Combined Residency Program
	University of Maryland School of Medicine
	Baltimore, Maryland



"Scott Diering’s presentations were exactly what we needed and what many health organizations need to hear. Instead of dismissing patient complaints or allowing them to damage employee morale, Scott provided specific tools to prevent the complaints and return joy to treating patients. The entire physician and nursing staff were impressed and please with the specific details he provided. Given our current malpractice environment and the drive to improve patient satisfaction, his lectures provided much more than a 1,000 % return on investment!

Manual Roman, MD, MBA

President, Suburban Emergency Associates

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Testimonials from Nurses who attended Dr. Diering's Lecture Program

Excellent Talk! Very professionally presented.


Good presentation skills. Enjoyed very much. Like the definitions of healthcare professionals & pts.


Very interesting, makes it fun.


Dr. Diering was wonderful.


Dr. Diering is very personable and a great presenter. Comes with a wealth of experience.


Very good presentation. I enjoyed the humor and stories given.


Great job on the presentation and keeping an upbeat attitude.


Good to keep us on the love and caring action, your love comes through.


Like the using of real examples of situations. Makes your point real and memorable.


I thought the presentation was really helpful. I enjoyed it!! A lot of good information.


Examples of clinical situations were very helpful in illustration what you presented.


I could relate to his analogies. Very inspiring.


I enjoyed it and learned a lot. Examples were also great.


Dr. Diering was great. He speaks well and keeps you interested.


Dr. Diering was very explanatory straight to the point with many examples.


Very good program.


You gave a great presentation.


Enjoyed program.


Excellent presentation!


Very Good!


Very interesting.


Very upbeat presentation, your seem to appreciate nurses’! Thanks

I hope to use some of these techniques in my practice.


Presentation was good. Kept your attention.


Dr. Diering did a very nice job! Information was very helpful. (And amusing).


Dr. Diering is great, he is well spoken.


Dr. Diering speaks our “language” 2 feet included – Thanks.


Very informative – I think most people do this already and a lot has to do with intuition.


Dr. Diering did a very good job of presenting info.


Changes perception of how we treat patients.


Great personality for presenting healthcare professional communication.


I thought it was very entertaining and useful.


Dr. Diering was a great speaker, held interest.


Dr. Diering was very amusing, made his presentation more interesting and willing for me to listen, remember and learn. If he ever becomes bored with being a Dr., he would make an excellent comedian.


Dr. Diering's lecture very interesting, very easy to listen to. I think some of the Drs’

Would also benefit for listening to this lecture.


Doctor presentation was excellent.

  (Click here for more endorsements from nurses for Dr. Diering's lecture program)


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