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What actions demonstrate Compassion?

In order to show compassion, we need to:

Empathize with our patients,

Minister to our patients, and

Attend carefully to our patients.

To Empathize means to let your patients know that you can imagine what they feel.

What do I do to show my empathy?

        Read your patient… Pay attention to their clues.

        Nod your head and move your hands a lot.

        Make sure your actions, vocal tones and words all say the same thing!


To Minister means to show your patients that you are concerned.

How do I minister to my patients?

        Be supportive and comforting to your patient

        Get a little closer, and don't be afraid to touch them!

        Invest a little bit of yourself in your patient, that is, use I when making suggestions.


Attend: Your attention is the only proof that your patients have your time.

What actions prove my attention is on my patients?

        Listen actively.

        Make eye contact.   Eye contact shows sincere interest.

        Excuse yourself whenever your attention is diverted.


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