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Love Your Patients!

Improving Patient Satisfaction with Essential Behaviors That Enrich the Lives of Patients and Professionals

Scott Louis Diering, M.D.

A Renaissance in Healthcare!

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Paperback, ISBN 1-57733-141-9, 242 pp., 5.5 x 8.5,  $17.95...    May, 2004:  Blue Dolphin Publishing
Hardcover,  ISBN 1-57733-159-1, 242 pp.  5.5 x 8.5,  $27.95

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    This book sets the standard for patient satisfaction improvement!  It is very enjoyable, very readable, and will change forever how you and your fellow healthcare professionals interact with patients!


    Love Your Patients! is a book which was published in May, 2004.  It is pleasant, easy to read, yet very educational.  It is written for everyone who may have contact with patients.  The book is designed to help us balance our hectic, technical medical world with our concern for our patients. 


    Part I:  Agape.  The key points introduced in this website are expanded, and discussed in great detail.  The ideas are presented in an easy to read, yet provocative style.

    Part II:  Stories.  Real medical cases are presented and critiqued.  The cases illustrate how technically excellent medical care can be harmful if not delivered in a warm, humane fashion.

    Part III:  Data.  The relevant scientific literature is reviewed.  Drawing from nursing, medical and psychology sources, the theory and research basis for the key points are discussed.

    Love Your Patients!  is available for purchase from this website, or or Barnes & Noble Booksellers or from the publisher, Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc. (

     Part I: What’s Love Got to Do with It?
     1. Introduction: What’s This All About?
     2. Who Are We? healthcare professionals and Patients  
     3. Love, healthcare professional Style
     4. Compassion: Love from Our Heart
     5. Respect: Love from Our Spirit
     6. Humility: Love from Our Intellect


     Part II: Stories
     7. Mr. Rillet and the Stream of Attentiveness
     8. Mrs. McLean’s Smoldering Concern
     9. Mrs. Bejanez’s Heartfelt Uncertainty
     10. Mr. Buckram’s Twisted X-rays
     11. Ms. Carley’s Bottom Line
     12. Melissa
     13. Ms. Griffin’s Show
     14. Mr. Mebae’s Lesson
     15. Mr. Leffete’s Embarrassment
     16. Ms. Zingle’s Target
     17. Ms. Horton’s Story
     18. Mr. Annuge’s Patient Smile


     Part III: The Art of Agape
     19. Agape: It’s Good for Everyone!
      A Review of the Related Literature
     20. Those Who Can, Do; Those Who Love Their Patients, Teach!
     21. We Are Individuals


    A Note on Allegory

    Have you noticed the allegories?  The names of the patients and providers in the stories are fictional, but all have some hidden meaning.  Most are easy…just dictionary words who’s meaning is tied to the patient’s or provider’s situation.

    For example, have you figured out why Mr. Rillet has that name?  Who was another famous character named  Griffin?  In what language is Ms. Zingle’s name significant?  From what short story do her providers get their names?


    It’s fun and challenging to test your skills…let me know when you figure them out!

    Upcoming Books:

    Love Your Patients!  Teacher's Manual is for educators working in small group or classroom experience.  It will (hopefully) be available in 2006.

    Love Your Complex Patients! is due to be published in 2006.

    Love Your Patients!, The Lecture Series


    Love Your Patients!, The Workshop

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