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National "LYP" Day!
Scott Diering, MD
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February 7 is

 National Love Your Patients! Day

Did you celebrate this year?

Celebrate by wearing your

I   My  Patients!



lapel pin!



This is a day of REMINDERS:

We remind patients how important they are to us by looking for their best qualities and letting them know that we see them as unique and special!

How do we do this?

     We Compliment them!

     We COMPLIMENT  them on anything we can!  For example, we compliment them on

o                                     The quality of questions they ask

o                                     Their timeliness,

o                                     Their organization,

o                                     Their interest in their own well-being,

o                                     Their strength,

o                                     Their endurance and

o                                     Their patience.


We remind ourselves how important our patients are by

     By thanking them!

o                                    We thank them for anything and everything!

                                      We thank them for coming in to see us,

                                     We thank them for allowing us to take care of them,   

And, most importantly,

                                                               We thank them for their patience, their understanding and their tolerance of all the imperfections in our system.


National Love Your Patients! Day exists so we never forget to take care of the patient and their family, at the same time as we take care of their medical problems, their illness and their diagnosis.

(For a free " I My Patients!" lapel button, email me ( 


Please visit the National Patient Recognition Week website for more ideas on ways to remind patients how important they are to us.


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Last modified: 02/23/10