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(Click here for Burnout-Prevention and Addiction/Recovery Resources)

Hospital Impact:  (  A very interesting website!  Read and reply to blogs about the complexities of improving healthcare.  (And don't forget to check out my blogs!)

DrScore (  New!  Physician Rating Website.  Have you ever wanted to rate your doctor?  Praise or comment on a physician?  Check out this excellent website.  They have an online rating service for you to rate your doctor!  If you don't wish to send your story to me (I use your stories to improve healthcare via my newsletter, Caseletter), then go to DrScore and rate your doctor!  The Kienle Center at University of Pennsylvania in Hershey, PA is an excellent resource for the study of Humanistic Medicine. is a very useful, freelance writing company, which can help translate any technical material into a readily understandable product for any audience. is the news announcement for UMDNJ's new center for Humanistic Medicine in Newark, NJ. This is the site for Healthcare Communication Project, Inc., and actively promotes quality patient-healthcare professional partnerships in all healthcare interactions. is a brilliant clearinghouse for healthcare related websites. Scott Louis Diering, MDs website. The Fetzer Institute which supports the Relationship Centered Care Network to help train healthcare professionals in appropriate interactions skills. An excellent website offering counseling for artists and advice on life in the fine arts. The Sullivan group offers risk management resources, among other courses. is the American Medical Student Association source page for humanistic medicine.  This has some good resources for medical students.

Planetree: Over 25 years of working to foster patient centered care in healthcare delivery systems. The American Academy on Physician and Patient is a group dedicated to improving the relations between physicians and their patients. The Bayer Institute for Health Care Communications offers CME and training programs designed to enhance healthcare professional interactions. The Northwest University Program in Communication and Medicine offers a large selection of training programs and interesting information. The Foundation for Medical Excellence Northwest Center for Physician-Patient Communication is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare in the Pacific Northwest through education and research in physician-patient communication. The site allows you to find books in your local, university or regional library and to find availability and price at over 30 online stores along with book reviews and descriptions. See Chris Lindgren, The Institute for Health Care Improvement offers courses and resources designed to improve the delivery of clinical medicine. The Healthcare Collaborator is a monthly online newsletter offering communication strategies to build better working relationships with people.  This was sent to us as a great link to help students get scholarships.  Thanks Ms. McDiarmid! This is a great site for aspiring healthcare professionals to learn how to choose and then get into the best college for you. is a brilliant site touting the beneficial health effects of humor.  Don't miss Dr. McGhee's message! The George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health This is an excellent resource for educators, clinicians and researchers concerned with opening the door on spirituality and beliefs in healthcare.   This is an interesting site, where you can download some book chapters, buy books, etc.  Great for students on a budget.

Healthcare Provider Burnout-Prevention Resources  Center for professional and personal renewal.  One on one career and life coaching.  Center for Professional Well-Being.  From phone consults to workshops.  Coaching and workshops on time and organizing your life.  Workshops to find deeper meaning in the work of healthcare. Increasing enthusiasm and purpose with workshops, etc. Burnout counseling and workshops.   Stress reduction and well-being via coaching and counseling. (This link is finicky, so you may need to type it in or search under Work Life Design.)

Addiction/Recovery Resources The premier site for professionals recovering from addictions. 1800 445 4232. (This link is finicky, too, but if you are an addicted physician or professional, this is the place to go.  Try .)  Another superb center for professionals with addictions.  Specialty psychiatric clinic for chemical dependency and burnout issues. International Doctors in AA, a helpful resource for professionals in the struggle.  Alcoholics Anonymous, which also has an online meeting site:


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