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bullet Are you tired of complaints from patients, families and co-workers?
bullet Are your patient satisfaction scores well below everyone else's?
bullet Have you been threatened with litigation because of miscommunication?
bullet Do you want to improve your ability to relate with patients, family, staff and co-workers?

If so, you have come to the right place! 

I am available for consultations, critiques and constructive criticisms.  After a consultation, your feedback will be very specific.  You will learn concrete ways to improve your ability to make people like you.

Sample Goals:
bullet Improve my interpersonal style,
bullet Enhance my ability to relate well and ingratiate myself with patients and family,
bullet Learn how to make a great first impression,
bullet Improve my relationship with nurses or doctors with whom I work,
bullet Make people enjoy my company.

Call (301 620 1588) or email me ( for details about ways I can help!

 Needless to say, all consultations are completely private and confidential.

Sample Case:

You have been called before your patient satisfaction committee to discuss a complaint.  The patient received excellent care, their medical problem was addressed, and they left your care seemingly satisfied.

However, two weeks later, you are asked to explain why:

  1. The patient did not understand the reasons for their tests;

  2. The patient's family feels that you never communicated with them;

  3. You were always in a hurry.

With a Love Your Patients! consultation, you will be able to answer these, and other, questions:


How could these issues have been avoided? 


What is the significance of these complaints? 


What could you have done differently to have made this patient and their family more satisfied?

Consultations about the style of care you provide can be job-saving and career-improving.  Let me know how I can help.


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Last modified: 02/23/10