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What can we do to show our respect for our patients?

In order be respectful, we need to:

Be courteous around our patients,

Validate all their actions, and

Be honest and sincere with them.

To Show Courtesy means to honor our patients. 

What can I do to be courteous?

        Always be polite

        Dignify your patients, that is, keep private things private.

        Think of your self as a host or hostess, and your patients are guests in your home.


To Validate is to give non-judgmental recognition to your patients and their actions.

How do I Validate my patients?

        Always allow people to save face, that is, never allow someone to appear foolish.

        Acknowledge your patientís concerns, fears, anxieties.

        Praise any accomplishments.


Being Honest means being direct, open and accurate with your answers.

I always tell the truth...what other actions show honesty?

        Keep patients informed...explain delays and wait times.

        Relinquish control: Remind your patients of their own responsibilities.

        Admit mistakes:  Tell your patients about any little mistakes, and tell your boss about big mistakes.



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