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Testimonials from Nurses who attended Dr. Diering's Lecture Program

Excellent Talk! Very professionally presented.


Good presentation skills. Enjoyed very much. Like the definitions of healthcare professionals & pts.


Very interesting, makes it fun.


Dr. Diering was wonderful.


Dr. Diering is very personable and a great presenter. Comes with a wealth of experience.


Very good presentation. I enjoyed the humor and stories given.


Great job on the presentation and keeping an upbeat attitude.


Good to keep us on the love and caring action, your love comes through.


Like the using of real examples of situations. Makes your point real and memorable.


I thought the presentation was really helpful. I enjoyed it!! A lot of good information.


Examples of clinical situations were very helpful in illustration what you presented.


I could relate to his analogies. Very inspiring.


I enjoyed it and learned a lot. Examples were also great.


Dr. Diering was great. He speaks well and keeps you interested.


Dr. Diering was very explanatory straight to the point with many examples.


Very good program.


You gave a great presentation.


Enjoyed program.


Excellent presentation!


Very Good!


Very interesting.


Very upbeat presentation, your seem to appreciate nurses’! Thanks

I hope to use some of these techniques in my practice.


Presentation was good. Kept your attention.


Dr. Diering did a very nice job! Information was very helpful. (And amusing).


Dr. Diering is great, he is well spoken.


Dr. Diering speaks our “language” 2 feet included – Thanks.


Very informative – I think most people do this already and a lot has to do with intuition.


Dr. Diering did a very good job of presenting info.


Changes perception of how we treat patients.


Great personality for presenting healthcare professional communication.


I thought it was very entertaining and useful.


Dr. Diering was a great speaker, held interest.


Dr. Diering was very amusing, made his presentation more interesting and willing for me to listen, remember and learn. If he ever becomes bored with being a Dr., he would make an excellent comedian.


Dr. Diering's lecture very interesting, very easy to listen to. I think some of the Drs’

Would also benefit for listening to this lecture.


Doctor presentation was excellent.


I think the doctor did a fantastic job of explaining & relating information in a real manner.


Great! Thank you! I bet your patients love you.


As healthcare professionals we are used to having to have our skills validated and making sure that we are all up to date on our policies. This session is an opportunity to renew our “sense of Caring.” I am always looking for “Little Jewels” to enhance my life, sometimes it comes  from excerpt from Guideposts, sometimes for Readers Digest, sometimes from the writing on a bathroom stall, sometimes from a fortune cookie & sometimes from a mandatory hospital seminar called “Love Your Patients”


Well spoken, good examples. Kept attention span.


All information was helpful.


Upbeat manner – kept things moving.


Good presentation. Already use most of the points presented, some things were new

And great suggestions.


Dr. was on the mark – we need to think before react.


Interesting interpretation of concepts.


Excellent speaker! Made it interesting & funny and kept my attention. Thanks


Very interesting speaker – liked your examples/stories. A great way to incorporate

All those important characteristics we tend to forget on our busy shifts.


Brought to attention small ways to make pt/nurse relations better.


I feel that I have a very good pt/nurse relationship and do care about my pt. However I think his examples of how to say things will stick with me to help resolve conflict.


Not only presented well, responded will to concerns of audience. Nicely done.


Dr. Diering was very interesting. Excellent speaker.


I feel this program was very useful, personally I feel I already use most of information provided but it was still useful to get more ideas to keep pts satisfied and to show them that we do care because we should care.


I enjoyed this lecture. Very attentive to keep staff awake! Great job.


Do a presentation to management.


Excellent speaker. Good information.


You dealt with well with some very strong personalities.


Very good speaker, even in the patient examples that were given.


You are funny & enjoyable to listen too. Thanks


I wish everyone would approach care this way!


Thanks so much - Please give this presentation to all levels of management.


We are doing most of what was included in this presentation. There is the expectation on our unit to be and do what will be helpful and kind to our patients and family’s.


Felt this was very useful and informative.


Sitting here, I could think of many times on our unit when these suggestions could come in handy. Thank you




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Last modified: 02/23/10